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We develop services and products to 
monitor heavy traffic conditions.

Smart Monitor

Jalava Smart Monitor monitors the wheel housing area constantly when the vehicle is being driven. It immediately alerts the driver about possible faults in brakes, wheel bearings and tires. The driver gets alerts of "slacked" and "glazed" brakes, broken bearings and reduced tire pressures.

The Jalava Smart Monitor shows alert and the location of faulty wheel to driver with sound. It saves the vehicle data and location to the Jalava service automatically when the vehicle is being driven. Jalava Smart Monitor works together with Pressure Pro TPMS solutions.

Now the driver can concentrate on more efficient and safer driving as Jalava monitors the wheels on the road.


Jalava Fleet Manager offers real time vehicle condition monitoring. With just one glance you will get sense of the condition of your fleet. It shows faults in your vehicles in the area of engine, brakes, wheel bearings and tires.

The Jalava Fleet Manager shows the location of your vehicle, the weather conditions, and next time for service and inspections of the vehicle. With inbuilt drive analytics together with TPMS the service will help you to be in control of fuel costs.  

Monitoring the fleet condition hasn't been so simple and easy before. Jalava Fleet Manager gathers the relevant info for the user and helps them to concentrate on more important issues at hand.